Hermetic Seal

For Quartz crystal unit For Quartz crystal filter
Drawing No. Blank size Drawing No. Blank size
CP-6077 PDF
φ4.0 mm
CP-6080 PDF
φ4.0 mm
CP-6113 PDF
φ4.5 mm
CP-6115 PDF
φ4.5 mm
CP-6100 PDF
φ5.2 mm
CP-6134 PDF
φ5.2 mm
CP-6112 PDF
φ5.5 mm
CP-6114 PDF
φ5.5 mm
CP-6137 PDF
φ6.0 mm
CP-6099 PDF

Access & Map

604 Mine Kawazu Kamo Shizuoka Japan 413-0511 PDF

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