Privacy Policy

MTEC recognizes the importance of privacy and security for each individual. We want to be a company that is trusted by our customers and the society, with our privacy practices and the security measures we take to protect your personal information. We will commit to protect your privacy according to the following policy:

Collecting personal information through the web
Depending on the services you use in our website, we may ask for your personal information including company, position, name, industrial sector, occupation, address, phone, fax, and e-mail. In addition, we may ask for and collect personal information at other times to provide you with the service of your request. In such case, whether you want to give your personal information or not are upon your decision.

Using personal information
MTEC collects your personal information (by exchanging name cards, at exhibitions, through the web) and uses these information for purposes below:

  1. Marketing activities. (including business operation)
  2. Provide useful information and services to our customers.
  3. Shipment and offering of products.
  4. After-sales service.
  5. Responding to our customer’s inquiries.
  6. Delivering e-mail newsletters.
We may use your personal information for other right purposes, but in that case, we will announce its usage and ask for your understanding beforehand.

Disclosing information to third parties
MTEC will never provide your personal information to third parties unless accepted by you in advance. However, depending on the service you request, we may need to share your personal information to third parties (for example, when delivering our products, we need to notify your name and address to carrier/forwarder). In such case, we would like to have your understanding.
Other than stated above, we may also disclose your personal information for any lawful purposes.

In our website, we do not use Cookies.
Cookies are used to identify that it’s you when you re-enter our website. They are used to make the contents more useful. Cookies will not harm your computer nor disclose your personal information.
By changing your browser preferences, you have the choice to reject all cookies or to be notified when a cookie is set.

Security measures for protection of personal information
We will carefully protect your personal information from such risks as loss of information or damage. Our customer’s personal information is secured under an environment where no one but people in charge can have access. We will strictly protect personal information from unauthorized access, tampering, and disclosure to third parties. When we place outside company in charge for any part of our website’s operation or affairs involving customer-provided information, we will strictly supervise and manage the company for correct usage and maintenance of the personal information.

Where to contact
For any questions regarding this policy, please contact []
MTEC continues to review and make efforts to improve our privacy practices. We will notify any changes in this page.